The beginning of POE began with the end of former band T.A.R.

After 5-6 years former T.A.R members (Torbjörn, Juan, Stefan & Östen) gathered together to discuss the possibility of playing together again, at this point Jonas joined the band and we started to work on some new material. But as time went by, Torbjörn and Östen unfortunately felt time was a luxury they could’nt afford and left the band.

This was a turning point where the rest of us decided to move on and this is when POE was born. Micael and Christer joined the band and something happened to the music. It got meaner, rougher, faster and any rules that still controlled the music vanished. After some time Micael left POE and the quest for a new front figure started, many singers came and auditioned with no success…It was at this time POE & former T.A.R singer Torbjörn Sandberg began discussing the possibility of his return and this is where we stand now, a new album production, a new website and soon new gigs!

Thats the story of POE. But who are the individuals that are POE you may ask?!

Well, we are a bunch of guys that listen to very different styles of music and have dissimilar musical history. So here comes some individual stories told of each POE member.

Just click any of the photo’s to read their story.

Stefan Sjöberg Torbjörn Sandberg Christer Elofson
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